Dan Schneiderman

New York State Maker Summit

Bringing anyone who is passionate about the Maker Movement togther to learn from each other

The New York State Maker Summit was held on March 24th, 2017. The goal of the summit was to bring makers, makerspaces, maker events, educators, politicians, manufacturers, industry leaders, museums, libraries, and anyone who is passionate about the Maker Movement together to learn about each other, talk about partnerships & the problems that we all run into, and discuss how to grow the movement within the state.

Over 350 attendees participated in the summit including state officials and the former Senior Advisor of Making for the White House.

The day was filled with 19 panels and presentations across 4 sessions and 68 speakers from the education, industry, event, museum, makerspace, and community sectors.

The full schedule and list of speakers can be found at nysmakers.com.

I was the lead producer for the first state-wide maker summit. This involved shaping strategic design for how the event should be laid out, managing a small team to help organize the event, curating speakers, building the website, and fundraising. Following the event, I started several social media, groups, held roundtables, and sent out newsletters to continue conversations and grow state wide maker community.

I would like to give a huge thank you to NYSCATE for hosting and sponsoring the summit, and to the Tech Valley Center of Gravity for hosting the pre-party the evening before the summit.