Dan Schneiderman

Maker Faire Rochester

Greatest Show & Tell on Earth

Maker Faire Rochester is a festival to celebrate those who love to make, create, learn, play, invent, craft, hack, build, think and be inspired by science, technology, engineering, arts, music, and crafts.

We celebrated our first event in November of 2014 with over 90 maker exhibits from across Western New York and 1,500 visitors of all ages in attendance. For the 6th annual event (November 2019), there were 200+ Makers, several speakers, and over 7,000 attendees at the faire, including over 2,000 students who attended our Student S.T.E.A.M Fest on the Friday leading into the faire.

You can find the full list of makers from 2019 on the Maker Faire Rochester website.

I’ve been Co-Chair of Maker Faire Rochester since it’s inception in 2014. The role has included managing a core team of 7 members, curating and meeting with Makers from all over New York State, developing outreach activities, writing grants, creating budgets and partnerships with other organizations, approaching sponsors, writing press releases, coordinating media announcements, planning out the day’s events, taking care of any issues that come up during the faire, and managing our social media accounts year round.

Glimpse at the 2019 Maker Faire Rochester

Photos provided by Lindsay Felt, Katie Potvin, Marissa Haddock, and myself.

2019 Maker Faire Rochester in Review

Walkthrough of the 2019 Maker Faire Rochester