Dan Schneiderman

Project Cookie

19 December 2013

Over the past year, baking has just become a passion for me. After growing up with both grandparents nearby, and with a mom that bakes pies a lot, baking just seemed natural for me. More recently I’ve found it to be one of the best stress relievers. After spending all day on the computer and my wrists hurts. Bake. Gone through a stressful day at work. Bake. It just relaxes me.

The one thing that I almost always default to when the urge to bake arises is cookies. Some have been for around the house. Others have been for friends and coworkers. Every time I’m invited to an event that requests people to bring something to share, baking cookies is never that far behind.

Whenever I tend to bake cookies for New Work City, I somehow get introduced to really interesting people. And when I look back at it, cookies are a really good opening line. It occurred to me that bringing a bit of joy in cookie form is a great way of meeting people.

So as I only have a month left of living in NYC, I will be baking cookies and bringing them to people I would love to meet, along with trips to friends around the city. I hope to write up my experiences after every cookie delivery that I do.

The places I would love to deliver cookies the most are:

  • Frederator Studios
  • The Chelsea Market to different artists
  • Sixpoint Brewery
  • The Way Station
  • PBS Idea Channel

If you have any ideas of people or companies that I should deliver cookies to, feel free to send a message my way.

Let the baking begin!