Dan Schneiderman

The Programmers Corp

02 August 2011

A Dream.

I dream of a programmer’s peace corp.

I dream of a way where I can serve my country though code. A way to help others. A way to use code to save a life. A way to help those who have fallen.I know that I could use my code to help some Senator gain votes. Or help with some battle drone.

But no. I want my code to do good. My code should help perform a civil service. My code should save a life.I want to see Random Hacks of Kindness not be so random, but occur every day. To see Code for America go beyond the big cities, and expand to the smallest of towns.

It may not be the next social media craze, but it will be for the people.Some coders want to serve their nation. Not on the battlefield of war, but on the vast battlefields that take place around this nation. From finding solutions, to tracking the town bus, to finding missing persons.

I dream of a programmer’s peace corp to tackle as many problems as possible and live out the call to action by President Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.”

A Dream