Dan Schneiderman

Leaving MAGIC

06 June 2018

Big Life Update:

As of the end of June, the soft funding for my position at MAGIC at RIT at will come to an end. Working with the entire team at MAGIC has taught me so much over the last 2 and a quarter years. They’ve really helped me grow both personally and professionally. I’ll miss working with all of them, although I’m sure we’ll find projects to partner on sooner than later. I’ll definitely be in attendance for the grand opening of the new building.

I currently have a few leads (might end up in a new position at RIT!), but nothing is cemented yet. Becca and I will continue to be in Rochester (almost 1 year at the house), and I’ll still be continuing my work with Maker Faire Rochester (let me know if you want to be more involved). If you want to meet up while I’m still at RIT, just shoot me a message.

Looking forward to the future.