Dan Schneiderman

Leaving K-12 @ RIT

24 June 2019

It is with mixed emotions that this week is my last week working at RIT as my year-long adventure (and contract) with the K-12 department comes to an end. It has been an immense pleasure to work with the K-12 team. During the last year, I’ve created more workshops, projects, and presentations than any other time in my life. My personal favorite will definitely be the DIY lamp workshop I ran with our STEP students. I’m more than sure that we’ll be working together again sooner than later.

Along with leaving RIT, I have to back away as a staff advisor to CodeRIT (the student-led org behind BrickHack) and Computer Science House. It has been inspiring working with both of these groups for the last three years. Over that time, I’ve seen students grow up, become leaders, graduate, and find jobs all over the world.

Even though I am leaving RIT, I’m more than sure that I’ll be back on the campus sooner than later between partnerships and meetings with a number of folks. There are just too many friends that I’ve made here on campus over the few years that I’ve been working here.

As for my future, I’m hoping to chase a dream job. Nothing is official and it will probably still take a few months before I know anything as I’m still waiting for it to be posted. For the next month, I’m trying to fill up my schedule with meetings and catching up with everyone. It has honestly been way too long since I’ve touched base with a ton of people. If you’re interested in catching up, please shoot me a message!

I’m also looking into other work possibilities around event planning, developing/producing K-12 STEAM workshops and events, or possibly back in the software/web dev world. If anyone is looking for help with events that take place during the next few months, shoot me a message. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out where I’m going.

No matter what, I’ll be continuing on with Maker Faire Rochester, FIRST, and supporting the STEAM communities in the region however I can.

Huge thank you to my incredible wife, Becca, for supporting me through everything. We always have each other’s backs.