Dan Schneiderman

Invited to the White House

09 June 2016

Excited to announce that I’ve been invited to represent the New York State Maker Movement at the White House for the National Week of Making kickoff next week! Between working with school kids, planning & building projects for & with the community, and of course co-producing the Rochester Mini MakerFaire, working in the maker movement has been incredibly inspiring and has personally changed my life.

While in DC, I will also be attending the National Maker Faire, and everyone I know in the DC area should attend! Huge thank you to Amy and the rest of NYSCATE for sending me next week, and the Rochester Mini Maker Faire team (Antonio, Laurie, Pat) for just being the awesome people that you are. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without all of your support and encouragement. Special thank you to my incredible wife, Becca, for being supportive me every step of the way. P.S: If you have any maker news stories from around the state, I’m working on putting together a list to bring with me.