Dan Schneiderman

2017 In Review

01 January 2018

The breakdown of the year that was full of leaps into the unknown: 2016.


  • Attended 2nd Maker Faire Producers’ Summit in Miami
  • Visited Moonlighter Makerspace in Miami
  • Announced the 1st NYS Maker Summit


  • Gave TEDx Talk on the Maker Movement at TEDxAllendaleColumbia School
  • Taught Wearables and Led Brainstorm Session at Rush Henrietta High School
  • Judged BrickHack and WiCHacks at RIT
  • Joined the inaugural NYS Fair S.T.E.A.M. area team
  • Curated NYS Maker Summit Speakers & Marketed event
    • Continuous chats and phone calls with makers of all varieties from across NYS


  • Volunteered at FIRST Robotics Finger Lakes Regional (1st year as Co-Volunteer Coordinator, 10th year volunteering!)
  • Ran NYS Maker Summit
    • 350 attendees in Albany, NY
    • 50+ speakers and panelists
    • Makers, Educators, Manufactures, Politicians, Makerspaces from all of NYS
    • Reception night before at Tech Valley Center of Gravity
    • Announced S.T.E.A.M area for NYS Fair
    • Well received!


  • Brought chandelier to Fast Forward Film Festival - 1st time as artist there
  • Celebrated 1st year working at MAGIC at RIT
  • Started NYS Maker Network Newsletter
  • Marched at the Rochester March for Science and Science Expo
  • Led NASA Space Apps Hackathon at RIT


  • Attended RedHat Summit in Boston
  • Visited Artisan Asylum, one of the largest makerspaces in the US
  • Participated as an exhibitor at Image RIT as staff for the 2nd time
  • Tabled FOSS@MAGIC at OS Con in Austin
  • Attended/Semi-Volunteered at Maker Faire Austin
  • Spoke at STEM Exploration Days for second time
  • Attended Buffalo Mini Maker Faire
  • Celebrated third anniversary with Becca


  • Held Rochester Makerspace Roundtable for National Week of Making with local Makerspaces, VIPs, government officials and a few makers
  • Attended Thomas & Rebecca Wedding in Schenectady


  • Bought a House in Penfield!
    • Spent 1 week painting and prepping house before moving in
  • Celebrated birthday at the house for the first time
  • Exhibited at 1st FLX Maker Fest - duct tape flowers
  • Cut a couch in half as it we couldn’t get the couch out the door
  • Attended NRS 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • Becca and I attended our second Regional Burning Man (PortalBurn) - first time as artist
    • Ran the Tent of Colors - a tent covered in yarn that people could contribute more yarn and patterns to.
  • Nominated for Digital Rochester GREAT Awards as Emerging Tech Leader


  • Gave talk about Makerspaces and the Maker Movement in in Old Forge within the Adirondacks
  • House warming party
  • Gave Open Source talk and tour of the Construct@RIT to RIT Women in Computing
  • Experienced solar eclipse with Andrew Coy, former Senior Advisor of Making for the Obama Administration, while he was in Rochester
  • Exhibited Big Face Boxes for the first time at the NYS Fair in Syracuse over Labor Day weekend
    • Massive crowds
    • Part of the S.T.E.A.M. area (co-chaired the area)
    • Promoted all Maker Faires in NYS


  • Started conversations with Strong National Museum of Play about possible Maker Workshops
  • Digital Rochester GREAT Award Finalist Reception
  • Ran the MAGIC Center’s First Annual ArTech Cre8-a-th0n
    • 10 categories, all with some level of humor mixed in
    • Partnered with 8 internal colleges, departments, and campus organizations
    • Custom built all 10 awards
    • Attended by ~20 students
  • Won the Digital Rochester GREAT Awards for Emerging Tech Leader
  • World Maker Faire in NYC
    • Gave talk on running outreach for the Rochester Mini Maker Faire at Maker Faire Producers Meetup
    • Nation of Makers Meetup - helped organize breakfast


  • Brought Big Face Boxes to:
    • WXXI event for teachers and a second event for families
    • RMSC After Dark
    • 2nd Annual Fredonia Mini Maker Faire
  • Made PlayDough Pianos using Makey Makeys with Kindergarteners & 1st Graders at the 3rd Lima Primary Mini Maker Faire - 2nd time in a row
  • Judged ROCGirlHacks, Rochester’s first all-girl youth hackathon
  • Gave talk to LeBella on Makerspaces
  • Haunted Laboratory at House with Family on Halloween


  • Brought Big Face Boxes to Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) Conference
  • Ran Election Night Election Hackathon at RIT
  • Gave Introduction at RMSC Science on the Edge Speaker Series
  • Barnes & Noble Maker Faire
    • Big Face Boxes and Duct Tape Flowers
  • 4th Rochester Mini Maker Faire!
    • Major success!
    • 3.5k - 4k people in attendance
    • 130+ Makers
    • Heavy Meta, 19ft tall, 30ft long Fire Breathing Dragon in attendance on East Main Street!!!
    • More partners and news coverage of event
    • Added power tool racing
  • Met Adam Savage at Brain Candy Live in Rochester!
  • Becca and I hosted Thanksgiving for first time (17 of us)


  • Digital Rochester Round Table Meeting
  • Started planning out possible large Cardboard project for Rochester (eventually was called off)
  • MAGIC Breakfast at Liberty Hill (RIT President’s House)
  • Included in City Magazine’s The Rochester 10 - annual feature by CITY Newspaper — turns the spotlight on some of the area’s hard-working background players