Dan Schneiderman

2015 In Review

31 March 2016

The breakdown of the year that was full of leaps into the unknown: 2015.


  • Started to really get to know more artists and makers better


Joined the Finger Lakes Regional STEM Hub


  • Volunteered at FIRST Robotics Finger Lakes Regional (8th year volunteering!)
  • First visit to Ithaca (spent weekend exploring there for Becca’s Birthday)
  • TEDxFlourCity Kickoff (1st time in the Federal Building in Rochester)


  • Fast Forward Film Festival
  • Attended the Memorial Art Gallery’s Hidden Passions Talks for 1st time.
  • Started to partner and meet with the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) more often
  • Organizers Potluck


  • Geek Chic Prom at the RMSC
  • Sister’s Graduation
  • TEDxFlourCity
  • First anniversery with Becca!


  • Buffalo Mini Maker Faire
  • Rochester Mini Maker Faire Kickoff


  • First trip to The Foundry and Buffalo Labs
  • Organized and led the LED Throwie Experience at the Rochester Street Light Festival
    • Huge hit
    • Over 2,000 people came through our area
    • First time running an interactive art project
  • First started discussing the idea of a Bring Your Daughter To Hack Year in Rochester


  • RMSC After Dark Lights Out - Ran the LED Throwie Experience
  • Visited Becca’s Family Cabin in Minnesota for the 1st time (incredible)


  • Fringe Festival - Ran the LED Throwie Experience at Friday at the Fringe (1st time with full mobile setup)
  • Attended the NYC World Maker Faire for the 1st time
    • Met other Maker Faire Producers for the 1st time at Producers Workshop


  • Started to advise schools on Makerspaces
  • Saw Jamie Hyneman give a talk at RIT
  • Left working at the University of Rochester School of Nursing to focus on the maker movement


  • Barnes & Noble Maker Faire
    • Ran hands on activities at 3 different stores over 3 days
  • 2nd Rochester Mini Maker Faire!
    • Another big success!
    • 3,000 people in attendance
    • 110+ Makers
    • First time with VIP speakers


  • Started to work with TEDxAllendaleColumbia
  • Started to figure out Maker plans for the future